The collaborative tool to manage your industrial performance

From managing production incidents…

to steering of improvement plans

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Your Stakes :

Boost your industrial performance !

  • Increase your profitability
  • Real time analyze and take action faster
  • Motivate your teams
  • Reduce your environmental footprint

Empower your team in a sustainable way thanks to a modern and collaborative tool

Atipik Solutions presents WATSY®

WAste Tracking SYstem

Directly on the field, 
even remotely !

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ROI < 12 mois

Unleash the potential of your teams !

  • WATSY® enables real-time opportunities to be quantified and results to be measured
  • WATSY® is designed to delete duplicated entries, avoid reprocessing and simplify analysis
  • WATSY® is collaborative and transparent to involve your teams and empower them
  • In a context of scarce resources, WASTY® allows you to identify and reduce waste

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Our clients and partners

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Amora Maille factory
Chevigny Saint-Sauveur (21)

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Goulard – J3L Group
Chatillon-Le-Duc (25)

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Ariane 6 Program

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