WAste Tracking SYstem

The collaborative management tool to improve your industrial performance !

  • Adapted to your industry and your needs
  • Customized according to your criteria and your settings
  • ROI < 12 months

At the heart of our solution :

Collect & measure in real time all incidents throughout the production flow :
  • automatically, connected to the machines and to your IT
  • manually, by op.’s statement
Add consequences to these declarations
Value incidents in Euros and easily prioritize subjects
identifier vos incidents
Share information between your teams
Facilitate  your performance riviews & rituals
Decide on actions and rigorously drive their realization
Escalate specific issues
man speaking on top of a totem
Analyze at different time scales
Prioritize and drive your improvement projects
Access the complete history of incidents and their resolution

Simple, fast and suitable implementation:

IIOT Expert


  • Connect your key equipments
  • Connect your IT
  • Configuration and customization for the company
  • Access to all new functionalities and last updates
  • Training for « users » and « experts »
  • Hotline support

Operators get started 
in 1 hour


  • Integrate WATSY® in your performance reviews
  • Get a tailor-made support

WATSY® : Measure, Manage and improve performance by systematic elimination of incidents

people building charts and lists

Directly on the field, 
even remotely !

  • Collaborative and visible to all
  • Thoughout the production flow
  • Convenient and intuitive, easy to deploy
  • SaaS solution, easy to configure