WAste Tracking SYstem

The collaborative management tool to improve your industrial performance !

At the heart of our solution :

Collect & measure in real time all incidents throughout the production flow :
  • automatically, connected to the machines and to your IT
  • manually, by op.’s statement
Add consequences to these declarations
Value incidents in Euros and easily prioritize subjects
Share information between your teams
Facilitate  your performance riviews & rituals
Decide on actions and rigorously drive their realization
Escalate specific issues
Analyze at different time scales
Prioritize and drive your improvement projects
Access the complete history of incidents and their resolution

Simple, fast and suitable implementation:



Operators get started
in 1 hour


WATSY® : Measure, Manage and improve performance by systematic elimination of incidents

people building charts and lists

Directly on the field, 
even remotely !